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coffee powered car

A Car That Runs On Coffee Grounds

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A team of wacky scientists from BBC1’s “Bang Goes the Theory” TV…More >>

coffee beans on a coffee tree

What is Fair Trade Certified Coffee?

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The Fair Trade Certified™ labels are owned by Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International…More >>

Goats help man discover coffee

The Origin of Coffee

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Legend has it that  a Yemeni goat herder named Kaldi,  first took…More >>

caffeine content of popular drinks

Caffeine Content Of Coffee, Tea, And Other Popular Foods

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Whenever you talk about coffee, it’s inevitable that at some point you…More >>

Coffee Book History Of A Coffee Bean

Free Coffee History Ebook: The History Of Coffee 1895

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This gem rescued from the archives is an example of coffee marketing…More >>

Coffee Inspires Webcams

How A Coffee Pot Inspired The First Webcam

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Back in 1991, when the World Wide Web was little more than…More >>