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ISSPresso - Space Station Coffee Maker

The World’s First Orbiting Espresso Machine

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Since coffee was first consumed in space during Apollo 11 in 1969,…More >>

starbucks pride flag

Starbucks Celebrates Pride In A Big Way

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Starbucks made a very bold declaration of its support for LGBTQ rights…More >>


Are You Still Waiting For Your Coffee To Brew?

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Many us already have a good travel mug, and they work great…More >>


Is Kopi Luwak Coffee Cruel To Animals?

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Kopi Luwak as you may know, is a type of coffee bean…More >>


Hot Straw: Coffee Without The Stained Teeth

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One obvious drawback to our favorite drink is that it can stain…More >>

Starbucks Coffee Farm Costa Rica

Starbucks Buys The Farm

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Last month, the worlds largest coffee chain announced that it had purchased…More >>