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1. Used Coffee Grounds

Spent coffee grounds should never be reused to make coffee, but they have other uses. Grounds are great for your compost or to sprinkle around plants. You can also purchase Java Logs, made of recycled coffee grounds, to burn instead of wood.

2. Coffee Employment

The World of Coffee employs more than 25 million people, most of them in Third World countries, who grow, harvest and process the beans prior to shipping.

3. Coffee Can Explode

Roasted coffee gives off twice its weight in CO2, a process called de-gassing. The valve in coffee bags allows this gas to escape so the package does not explode. With no valve, coffee cannot be packaged until it is already partially stale.

4. Cupping

Coffee cupping is the term used to describe the process of evaluating the taste and aroma of a roasted coffee. True coffee connoisseurs prefer mild roasts because they can better taste and smell the unique characteristics of the bean.

5. Coffee For Religion

In its early days, coffee was most frequently thought of as a form of medicine. It was readily accepted as a stimulant and as a cure for digestive problems. It was also used to keep devoted Muslims alert during their long hours of prayer.

6. Compounds

There are 2,000 known substances contained within each coffee bean, including over 800 flavour oils. Upon roasting, these oils are responsible for all of coffee’s great taste and aroma.

7. Coffee And Peanuts

Like peanuts, coffee beans usually grow in facing pairs which are covered with a tough-skinned parchment. The individual beans are covered by a silver skin resembling tissue paper. When beans are roasted, they expand and the outer skin breaks off making a popping sound. This resulting chaff makes a great garden mulch.

8. Coffee And Revolution

In 1776, the Green Dragon Coffeehouse was the headquarters for rebels fighting in the American Revolution.

9. Coffee And Revolution (Part 2)

In 1789, Café le Foy is used by freedom fighters to stage the Storming of the Bastille during the French Revolution.

10. How Fresh Is Your Coffee?

By definition, most coffee drinkers have never tasted fresh coffee. There are only two ways to enjoy the great taste of fresh roasted coffee: (1) roast quality green coffee beans at home, or (2) find a local roaster selling certified fresh roasted coffee.

    10. How Fresh Is Your Coffee?

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