A Car That Runs On Coffee Grounds

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coffee powered car
A team of wacky scientists from BBC1’s “Bang Goes the Theory” TV show, have converted a 1988 Volkswagen Scirocco into a coffee-powered car, nicknamed Car-puccino.

As revolutionary as this concept sounds, it’s more of a fun project than a cost-efficient one. The idea behind Car-puccino is relatively simple: coffee, like wood or coal, has traces of carbon in it, so it burns. Use a bucket load of coffee, heat it enough to break it down into hydrogen and carbon monoxide, direct the gases towards the engine, and you’ve got yourself a running vehicle.

That sounds easy enough, but there is a down-side to using coffee as fuel. First of all, it’s between 25 and 50 times more expensive than petrol. Car-puccino is schedule to journey 210 miles, from Manchester to London, and the team estimates it will burn through 70 kilos of coffee. Multiply that by 13-26 British pounds per kilo (depending on the quality and brand) and you get some pretty big numbers. Plus, Car-puccino will have to pull over every 60 miles or so, so the crew can clean up the filters of tar.

Pretty original idea, but I doubt we’ll ever see Car-puccino go into production. I wonder what the exhaust fumes smell like, though…Espresso?

Well, you can give your cup of coffee to this car and it’ll drink it up! It may sound extraordinary, but this car does run on coffee. It costs around 25 to 50 times more to get this car up and running compared to a petrol powered car. So, it isn’t really an alternative. Christened as the “Car-puccino”, this £400 modified 1988 Volkswagen Scirocco will be driven 210 miles between Manchester and London powered by roasted coffee granules. Built by a team known as Bang Goes The Theory, the car will be unveiled at the Big Bang science fair in Manchester. The Carpuccino will go three miles per kilo of ground coffee, which totals up to about 56 espressos per mile. 70 kilos of ground coffee costing between £910 and £1,820 will be used for this journey.

Every 30 to 45 miles, the team will fill it up with more granules. Owing to the stops and despite its 60mph speed, the car will take 10 hours to complete this journey at the cost of 11,760 espressos.

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