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Free Coffee History Ebook – How To Make Perfect Coffee 1922

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Coffee Book How To Make Perfect CoffeeI’m sure there are lots of readers out there who are fascinated by these old coffee books. Here is another we dug up from the archives published in 1922 by the W. S. Quinby Company of Boston and Chicago. They were importers and roasters of a brand of coffee called La Touraine. The following is an excerpt from the book, which you can download for free at the end of the post.


FOR people who do not know coffee, the perfect flavor —the rich, real coffee flavor—is a hard thing to capture. But once you understand the nature of coffee, and get the right coffee—it becomes simple. Flavor depends on these two things.

The first thing you must have is quality in your coffee. It is not necessary to pay an extravagant price—but your coffee should be the product of experts. It should be selected from the finest types and kinds, and blended with a skill that brings out the genuine essence of each kind of coffee that goes into it. Then the blend must be roasted as carefully as the noted chef will prepare a sauce or a pudding. Modern coffee production has standardized the processes of the coffee factory, but quality itself is never standardized. Quality depends on men—and every coffee roaster will have a different standard. The second thing of utmost importance to serving delicious coffee is the preparation.

There was an old Chinese philosopher who declared that, next to the spoiling of fine children by false education, the worst practice he knew was “the spoiling of fine tea by false manipulation.” To the Chinese, tea was a national institution. With us, coffee is a national institution, and the poor treatment our old friend coffee so often receives is really a shame.

Coffee making, in spite of its importance, is one of the things most neglected in every kitchen. The reaspa-’lTiay be the very simplicity of making good coffee^Jhtany case it is a responsibility that is often left–tt5any ordinary helper who is without intelhgent training, and the result drives the true coffee lover to despair. The brewing of your coffee almost ranks of first importance, because the finest coffee in the world will show an undesirable side if it^ is improperly brewed.


THE fundamental necessary to making good coffee is to know the physical nature of coffee, and the action of coffee properties in contact with hot water. So you should not have coffee made by an employee who is ignorant of the properties of the coffee bean. Starting out some twenty years ago in the coffee and tea business, the writer was imbued with the idea of quality of producing a blend of coffee that could not be, improved upon. But he has found that it is not enough for the importer and roaster to rigidly uphold the standard of his product. The true coffee merchant must go farther and give time and knowledge to helping the restaurant and hotel man to an understanding of the principles of coffee making.

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