Coffee Faucet Puts Your Favorite Beverage On Tap

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woman wirh top brewer coffee faucetHuman beings are always looking at ways to improve on existing techniques or methods to make life easier for the rest of us. When it comes to coffee, not much has changed since the first person ran hot water through coffee grounds to get the first cup of joe. Most of us still have to get up in the morning and grind beans, or at the very least fill the coffee maker with grounds and water.

If while fumbling with beans and a grinder first thing in the morning, you wished had a faucet on your counter that you could just put a cup under and instantly get fresh coffee, now is your chance.

top brewer coffee faucet interiorThe Scanomat TopBrewer features a revolutionary design that has the unit built into a compartment that is under the counter, with nothing visible but a coffee faucet. The 2 self adjustable professional grinders, are reported to increase coffee extraction by up to 10%. The tamper pressure is adjusted precisely from 0-30 kg before brewing and ensures an accurate brew time both when dispensing black coffee and espresso. The unit heats fresh cold water to correct brew temperature, and heats the cold milk to correct temperature and foams the milk to correct texture

The patented stainless steel faucet is designed to be built in any tabletop and the compact design of the machine saves space while providing easy access for cleaning and maintenance. A multitude of components, allow for a variety of coffee drinks to be made on demand. The Top Brewer is compact enough to fit into any module, bar or any existing cupboard. All it takes is 2 small holes for the tap and drain.

Don’t let the simplicity and elegance of the TopBrewer fool you though. This baby is one bad barrista, and can brew coffee of exemplary level.
This fully automatic “bean to cup” machine, is controlled by touch screen via an iPhone, iPad or finger touch keyboard which is built in the tabletop.

Multiple machines can be controlled by one application, brewing a variety of your favorite coffee drinks at the touch of a button using the freshly ground coffee beans. The coffee faucet can even make and dispense other drinks, such as espresso, macchiato, americano, cappuccino, lattes, hot chocolate, tea, warm milk and warm and cold water.

With the smallest milk foamer in the world installed at the very tip of the faucet, fresh milk is heated instantly and perfectly foamed. The self cleaning features of the brewer cleans all hoses with water after each cup.

Compact and elegant, the TopBrewer puts an end to the need for bulky tabletop machines and allows for anyone to serve barrista quality coffee beverages instantly poured right from the tap.



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