Taking Coffee Art To A New Level

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When New Yorker and barista Mike Breach was passing time between orders at a hotel barista station, he began to take up latte art, designing patterns in the foam on top of the lattes that he was making.

He became increasingly good at it, and people started to take notice. Mike told the Huffington Post in a recent interview that he passed the time between ordersĀ  “challenging himself with increasingly complex designs.”

Baristart Mike Breach Jesus Portrait Latte Art


To call Mike’s designs “patterns” does not do them justice. These are more than mere patterns. They are straight up portraits. Amazingly realistic and detailed portraits of celebrities and characters etched in the foam on top of a latte.

Baristart Mike Breach Edgar Allen Poe Portrait Latte Art

- Baristart

Mike draws crowds at his coffee shop in New York where patrons marvel of Mike’s portraits, right before they disappear into the foam.

Baristart Mike Breach Micheal Jackson Portrait Latte Art


Judging by the amount of photos on Mike’s Tumblr, he likely creates these works of art dozens of times per day. Probably more.

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