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k cups canadaHere in the offices of AboutCoffee(s).com,we use a one cup coffee maker from Keurig. As a  result, someone as to be responsible for ordering the K-Cups. We order ours online and being coffee fanatics, we are always looking for a better selection or better pricing. We’ve isolated the best of the best and rated the top contenders for variety, cost of shipping, etc. So, what are the Canadian options for buying kcups?


Everybody’s favorite online superstore sells K-Cups from a huge variety of Coffee brands. Coffee People, Timothy’s, Gloria Jean’s, Diedrich, Caribou Coffee, Emeril’s and more. Canadian customers can also order through Amazon’s Canadian website. Expect to pay anywhere from $0.59 and up depending on the brand and flavour.


You can purchase K-Cups from Sears retail stores or through their website at sears.ca. Sears carry’s K-cups from Timothy’s, Van Houtte, Green Mountain and Donut House. For store locations see their website.  At Sears the prices range from $0.72 to $0.77 per cup.


Costco also sells K-Cups online as well as in retail outlets. Of course, a Costco Club card is required. However for approximately $0.67 per cup a membership could pay for itself. Coffee brands include Wolfgang Puck, Van Houtte and Timothy’s. Like most products sold at Costco, large quantities are the key to savings and the K-Cups come in boxes of 96.

London Drugs

London Drugs may not be available in all parts of Canada, but the price makes up for the lack of availability. They offer four 18 pack boxes for only $39.99. This works out to only $0.55 per cup. Coffee brands include Green Mountain, Newman’s Own, Van Houtte, Tully’s and Timothy’s. If you are not close to a London Drugs retail location, you can always order online.


You can purchase Timothy’s coffee Kcups online as well as in their retail stores, and you can check their website for store locations nearest you. Our closest local retail location had a nice selection of k-cups right there on the shelves. If you prefer to order online, there is free shipping on orders over $64. Shipping is very quick, however they only sell Timothy’s coffees, with the exception of the Kahlua K-Cups. $15.75 for a box of 24.

VanHoutte (K-cups and Coffee Pods)

Free shipping with the order of 4 boxes. Ships out of Quebec. Also only sells their own brand, but the sheer variety of flavours makes up for the lack of brand selection. Van Houtte also sells online for $15.75 for a box of 24.

RMC Beverage

RMC carries Green Mountain and Newmans Own coffee K-Cups in a wide variety of types and flavours, including teas and hot chocolate. Shipping rates within Canada are based on order total, with orders over $61.96 free. $16.95 per box of 24.

Cafe Breville

Cafe Breville refers to themselves as Canada’s official Keurig store. Featuring blends from Caribou, Coffee People, Diedrich, Gloria Jeans, Green Mountain, Timothy’s, Tully’s and Van Houtte. Curiously, Cafe Breville sells boxes of 18 for $11.99. Unfortunately at present time, their website seems to be giving them some trouble. Looks nice though.

Tweed and Hickory

Tweed and Hickory is currently offering flat rate shipping of  $9.99 per order, or free shipping on orders over $150.00. They also have many retail locations in Canada, if you don’t want to pay for shipping. They sell a box of k-cups for $13.95 for 24 and offer many varieties such as Timothy’s, Van Houtte, Emeril’s, and Bigelow.


Wal-Mart carries blends from Folger’s and Starbucks, at least that is what is featured on their site. A 16 pack of Starbucks will cost you roughly $15.00, or slightly over $1.00 per cup. The Folger’s is considerably cheaper at around $11.76 per box of 16 or roughly $0.75 per cup. You may even get free shipping by ordering online depending on where you live.


Yes, you read correctly. The office supplies giant also carries the ubiquitous kcup. Suprisingly, Staples has a very large selection, including brands such as Brown Gold, Cafe Escapes, Celestial Seasonings, Donut House, Emeril’s, Green Mountain, Grove Square, Higgins & Burke, Jetsetter Coffee Co., Marley Coffee, Martinson, Newman’s Own Organics, Starbucks, Tazo, Timothy’s, Tully’s Coffee, Twinings of London and Van Houtte.

If you order from Staples’ website, you can expect to pay anywhere from $0.65 and up depending on the brand, but overall the prices are very competitive. They also carry apple cider, hot chocolate, teas and cappuccinos.

Future Shop

It seems as though everyone is in on the single cup coffee game. Now you can purchase a car stereo, a fridge and your k-cups in the same store! Future sells Kcups both online and in store, and carries brands such as Green Mountain, Tulley’s, Timothy’s and more. At Future Shop you can expect to pay anywhere from $0.72 per cup and more.

If you consider price the most important factor, the winner here is London Drugs. They are the cheapest per cup and offer a great selection of k-cup brands. Their website is well designed and functional. You can purchase Timothy’s as well as Van Houtte from the same retailer, and save almost $0.20 per cup.

If variety is a more important factor for you when shopping, first place would have to be Amazon. Of course they have pretty much have the online shopping experience down to a science and score huge points for selection of brands and flavors. Amazon even has a huge selection of K-Cups that are not coffee. Teas, hot chocolate and apple ciders are good to have on hand for all members of the family. Visit the  K-Cups category on Amazon to see for yourself.

For more retailers visit Keurig’s site at http://www.keurig.com/canadian-shoppers

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