Why You Should Buy Green Coffee Beans

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To put it simply, the true taste of fresh coffee is naturally sweet, not bitter. The first sign that coffee is stale is a bitter taste. 99% of all North Americans are drinking stale coffee. Great tasting coffee relies on how soon the coffee is brewed and consumed after roasting. For coffee to be fresh, and best, it must be consumed within five days after roasting, three hours of grinding, and fifteen minutes of brewing. As with wine, the taste of coffee depends on the quality of a fruit, and the way that fruit is transformed into a beverage.

The downside is that fresh roasted coffee has a very short shelf life. Regardless of packaging, freshly roasted coffee is only fresh for a maximum of five days, and the  majority of coffee on the market today far exceeds the 5-day freshness window, by the time it is roasted, packaged, distributed and sold.


It is quite an experience to learn about and buy green coffee beans and select tools for roasting, grinding and brewing. It really is quite easy it is to roast your own coffee and experience coffee like never before. Those who roast their coffee from green coffee beans will never go back to the coffee they used to drink!

Green coffee beans have very little taste. Coffee taste as we know it, is created during the roasting process. At 400°F/205°C to, simple sugars and carbohydrates inside the green coffee bean begin to caramelize, creating over 800 different flavor components. Making a fine cup of coffee is a science, but one that is easy to master.

Knowing What You Are Drinking

As most entomologists or folks working in agriculture will tell you, most mass-produced, pre-ground coffee (as well as chocolate) has well, bug insect parts in it. Most governments allow a wide variety of insect parts in most food products. According to the Food and Drug Administration,  if more than 10% of the green coffee beans are damaged or infested, the food is rejected. This means that if  10% or less of your coffee is roach parts, it is acceptable. The FDA marks the significance of this as aesthetic, meaning that it will not harm you but may be too much to stomach for the average consumer. If you buy green coffee beans and roast and grind them yourself you will have a much better idea of exactly what you are consuming.

Buying Green Saves Green

Green beans have a long shelf life, approximately 2 to 10 years. Therefore you can purchase a large quantity of good quality, organic green coffee beans for the same price as a pound or two of processed coffee.

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