10 Coffee Mugs That Should Not Be Given To Coworkers As Gifts

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roasted_coffee_beans_small_mugsDuring the holiday season, many of us will give inexpensive gifts to those people we work with. Some workplaces even have a gift exchange, which allows everyone to participate to give and receive a gift at low cost, without anyone being left out.

This brings us to the inevitable problem of what to get for your boss or fellow employee. You can’t spend a lot of money, not that you would necessarily want to. You can’t give them something to elaborate or personal. In the case of a gift exchange, you may not even be aware of who will receive your present, and if you are you don’t want to offend them, or have them think your gift means something other than you participating in an office mandated gift exchange.

This brings us to the subject of coffee mugs. (Eventually we would get there) A mug is one of those “go-to” gift items that is appreciated and can be used by everyone, whether they drink coffee or not. It’s the perfect gift for someone that you have to buy a gift for, but haven’t a clue of what to buy. Some even go that extra step and put little gifts like candy inside the mug, as sort of an extra bonus gift.

In any event, while your busy deciding between the Chester The Kitty Coffee Mug of the John Wayne, we’ve taken the liberty of compiling this list of 10 coffee mugs that you should definitely not give to someone at the office for a gift…

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