16 People That Love Coffee More Than You

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How do we know that these people probably love coffee than most of us? Well, they went so far as to show their love for coffee that they inked it on their skin. Check out these coffee tattoos.

1. Coffee Bean Tattoos

Coffee Bean Tattoos

“Hey, can I see your bean again?”

2. Coffee Cup

Coffee Cup Tattoo

Is that a smoke ring, or a halo?

3. Another Coffee Cup

Coffee Cup Tattoo 2

This individual loves steaming hot coffee, Dad and Glenda. We won’t tell you where this tattoo is located.

4. Electric Coffee Beans

Exploding Coffee Beans Tattoo

“I love coffee so much electric coffee beans explode from my arm!”

5. Up Yours Coffee Bean

Up Yours Coffee Bean

If you cut this guy off in traffic, he will give you the bean.

6. Venti Tattoo

Coffee Tattoo Cup

“I’ll have the Venti sized tattoo please.”

7. I “Coffee Cup” NY

Coffee Cup On Finger

This barista better never leave his job in New York.

8. Coffee Gear

Steampunk Coffee Tattoo

This person may be a coffee engineer or perhaps a member of a coffee union.

9. Coffee Stain Tattoo

Coffee Stain Tattoo

“I’ve scrubbed and scrubbed and just can’t get this stain out.”

10. Flying Coffee Mug

Flying Coffee Cup Tattoo

“No, really…I was staring at your flying coffee cup.”

11. Death Before Decaf

Death Before Decaf

This tattoo seems to depict a strong love for caffeine.

12. Coffee Plant

Coffee Plant Tattoo

A coffee plant tattoo.

13. Another Coffee Plant

Another Coffee Plant Tattoo

Another coffee plant tattoo.

14. Coffee Foot

Coffee Mug On Foot

Hmmm..doesn’t smell like coffee.

15. Fresh Coffee

Coffee Cup On Arm

Is the coffee as fresh as that tattoo?

16. Coffee Handle

Barrista For Life

“Watch this. When I flex I actually tamp down the coffee grounds.”

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