7 Tasteless Vintage Coffee Ads

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Check out these ads from the vaults of Vintage Coffee Ads.

1. What Every Young Girl Should Know

what every girl should know about coffee

If there is anything a young girl should know, if she hopes one day to be a good wife, is to make good coffee, morning noon and night.

2. Has His Old Man Been Hitting The Coffee Again?

If your coffee drinking causes you to stay up late at night and consequently beat your kids, you may consider drinking switching to Sanka.

3. If Your Husband Ever Finds Out

Vintage Coffee Advertising Chase And Sandborn

If he discovers that you’re still taking chances on getting flat, stale coffee, woe be unto you!

4. Won’t I Ever Learn?

vintage coffee advertising

What she should learn is to drink Sanka Coffee and sleep!

5. Does Coffee Bring Out The Beast In You

vintage coffee advertising coffee beast

A man can be cross as a bear when he’s affected by the caffeine in coffee. Jangled nerves make hard days harder – bring him home irritable, on the edge!

6. Now! Even A Man Can Make Perfect Coffee In Just 5 Seconds!

vintage coffee advertising even a man

I’ve got a smart husband! This is delicious and it costs no more than ground coffee!

7. “You ain’t goin to let the mister drink coffee at night, is you?”

vintage coffee advertising mister

Need we say anything?

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