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Free Coffee History Ebook: The History Of Coffee 1895

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Coffee Book History Of A Coffee BeanThis gem rescued from the archives is an example of coffee marketing in 1895. This is a childrens book, that tells the tale of a group of “elves”that set out to find the land of coffee, or something. The book features what looks to be a cut out of a picture of  Seal Brand Coffee, that remains in the middle of the pages throughout the book.

This 16 page scan of this piece of coffee history was entitled “History of a coffee bean. Compliments of Chase & Sanborn” this book dates to circa 1895,and was published by The Donaldson Brothers for a coffee company called Chase & Sanborn. The following is an excerpt, you can download your own copy for free at the end of the post.

The Island of Java! Through all their mishaps
They had clung to theirguide books and compass and maps
And thus were enabled, with scarcely a wait,
To locate thespot and to thankthe kind fate,
That sent themto Java, -for herethey soon found,
The choicest of coffeetrees growing around.
Then somefrolicked madly and threw uptheir caps,
While others stretched out for the briefest of naps,
And some gathered berries and split them in two,
Removinglhebeans, as is proper to do-.
And cme built a fire, beneath a flat stone,
Another went off after water, alone…

History of a coffee bean. Compliments of Chase & Sanborn (c1895]).PDF

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