Impress Your Friends By Reading Thier Coffee Grounds

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Coffee TasseographyYes, you can impress your friends and possibly tell their future by “reading” their coffee grounds with the ancient art of  tasseography. More specifically, Coffee tasseography, which as we said, is the the ancient art of reading coffee grounds.

Traditionally, coffee readers (yes, there is such a thing) use Turkish coffee or any method of brewing coffee that leaves grounds sitting at the bottom of the cup. Most of the coffee in the cup is consumed, but the sediments are left to settle.

According to Wikipedia, there are several variations and methods of coffee reading, but basically they all require for the cup to be covered with the saucer and turned upside down. Since most cups used for coffee reading are white, or ivory, contrasting shapes are formed in the dark coffee grounds left in the bottom of the cup.

A coffee clairvoyant can interpret the shapes and symbols as many things  including people, animals, and inanimate objects. Usually, the reader will group nearby symbols together for a prediction. In the Turkish tradition, coffee readers often interpret the cup as being divided into horizontal halves, with symbols appearing on the bottom half interpreted as messages regarding the past, and symbols on the top half are messages regarding the future.

Coffee Reading Fortune Teller

“I read myself 18-20 times a day!”

Here is how you can impress your friends with your coffee clairvoyance at home, or at your favorite coffee shop.

All you need is a fine ground coffee or espresso and a white cup with sloping sides and a saucer.

Prepare your coffee as usual in your regular coffee maker. When you are almost finished, add a spoonful of grounds to your cup. If you are using a K cup or coffee pod, save it and use some of the grounds left in the container.

Place a saucer on top of your cup, then shake the cup and then turn it upside down in the saucer to drain the remaining liquid. Turn your coffee cup right side up and look inside.

Look inside of the cup for distinct shapes and use our Coffee Tasseography Symbols And Possible Interpretations guide to interpret what these shapes could mean.

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