Are You Still Waiting For Your Coffee To Brew?

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Many us already have a good travel mug, and they work great for what they do. Keeping your coffee warm as you slug it out through traffic to get to work.


The problem that the Hey Joe Coffee Mug solves, is that you still have to waist precious minutes of your already hectic morning schedule waiting around for your coffee to brew.

How does the Hey Joe solve this problem? Why by brewing the coffee for you, right in the mug!

The Hey Joe coffee mug is a travel sized coffee mug (ok, a larger sized travel mug) that acts just like any other coffee mug, except it can brew coffee inside of your thermos and regulate the temperature automatically.


Not only can you ensure your coffee is ready to drink as soon as it’s finished brewing, but that you can brew your coffee in pretty much any situation, anywhere, anytime.

If the coffee gets cold you simply hit a button on the mug, and it warms it to ideal temperature thanks to the detachable, rechargeable battery located at the bottom of your mug.

The Hey Joe Coffee Mug is currently raising funds for a production run onĀ Kickstarter. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $49. The projected retail price is $69.

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