Hot Straw: Coffee Without The Stained Teeth

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Hot Straws For CoffeeOne obvious drawback to our favorite drink is that it can stain your pearly whites. If only there was some way to enjoy a cup of coffee without letting it wash over the front of your teeth.

You could try a straw, however this would not be recommended as the plastic compounds in your average straw degrade with heat. In addition to the cream and sugar, you would be adding toxic chemicals to your coffee as well.

The Hot Straw as it’s called, seems to solve this problem. The Hot Straw is a BPA free, FDA approved plastic straw that is safe for hot liquids. It is the only straw that can sustain the heat of hot coffee, preventing potentially harmful chemicals from leeching into your beverage.

The Hot Straw is designed so the shape fits perfectly into the opening of a coffee cup lid, making it a spill stopper that you can drink from. It’s dual hole design let’s you drink your coffee safely, while avoiding contact with the front of your teeth.

Besides winning an award for one of the best new products at Coffee Fest 2012, it is sustainable, engineered to be used thousands of times, and is dishwasher safe.

Hot Straw is the brainchild of a clinical researcher named Dawn Miracle. To avoid staining her teeth like many people, Dawn used to sip coffee through a straw. At some point she became aware that when traditional disposable plastic straws are placed in a hot liquid such as coffee, they would degrade and bleed chemicals and plastics into whatever liquid they were put in.

At around the same time, Dawn was working with Parkinson’s patients who would suffer as they tried to steady a cup of coffee long enough to sip from.

Miracle said that “After one too many frustrations with coffee spills, stained teeth, plasticizers melting into my coffee with current straws and seeing my research patients that have Parkinson’s disease struggle with drinking coffee, I decided to design and patent the Hot Straw.”

The Hot Straw started as a crowd funding project on IndieGoGo.com, a website dedicated to helping entrepreneurs find the cash to see their projects become a reality. You can now find them at stores everywhere, including Amazon. Hot Straw 7″  Red 3 Pack by Hot Straw

If you did decide to buy a couple of Hot Straws, not only would you be helping your teeth, but because 5% of all profits are donated back to Parkinson’s research, you would be helping to find a cure for that as well.

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