The World’s First Orbiting Espresso Machine

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ISSPresso - Space Station Coffee Maker

Since coffee was first consumed in space during Apollo 11 in 1969, astronauts have been complaining about their cup of joe. Up to and including those aboard the International Space Station.

Although they are appreciative to even have coffee in in space, the bags of freeze dried coffee served in pouches and drunk with straws would make anyone not orbiting the earth at 27,685.7 km/h, cringe.

Lavazza, a well known maker of espresso machines has joined forces with an Italian aerospace engineering company to design and manufacture an espresso machine capable of  brewing a cup in zero G, dubbed ISSpresso. The ISS is for International Space Station.

The space faring espresso machine is  still undergoing testing but engineers on the project fully expect it to be ready for launch this November.  The launch is perfectly timed to coincide with the 6 month mission of Italy’s first female astronaut, Samantha Cristoforetti.

Cristoforetti,  a 37 year old fighter pilot and Italian Air Force captain, will fly to the space station in November aboard a Russian capsule, and become history’s first orbiting barista.

She is reported to have tweeted  that she will “get to operate the first space espresso machine!”

They neglected to mention that their freshly brewed espresso will be made from steaming hot recycled urine.


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