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Coffee Book

Free Coffee Ebook: Coffee Botany Leaflet Museum Of Natural History 1938

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Brush up on some coffee history with this leaflet entitled “COFFEE.” It…More >>

coffee and coffee grounds

8 Ways To Make Use Of Left Over Coffee Grounds

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Brewing up enough coffee every day for even a few cups uses a lot of grounds. Most likely, most of those spent coffee grounds get thrown in the trash, or maybe even composted. But did you know that those used coffee grounds have alternative uses? Below are a couple of pointers to make you think twice before tossing those ground beans in the trash.

Kopi Luwak Coffee

Civet Coffee Declared Halal, Despite The Fact It Is Harvested From Feces

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Muslims are to be allowed to drink the world’s most expensive coffee…More >>

davidsons coffee pot

Quite Possibly, The World’s Largest Coffee Pot

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A small town is Saskatchewan is home to a 150,000 cup coffee…More >>

Seattles Best Coffee

Seattle’s Best Coffee And Burger King Team Up

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This fall, Canadians will be able to walk into Burger King and…More >>

Carbon Footprint Cost Of Drinking Coffee

Carbon Footprint Cost Of Drinking Coffee

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From picking to roasting to the electricity for grinding them and boiling…More >>