Coffee Mug Review: Glass Coffee Mugs From Bodum Assam

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bodum-assam-glass-mugFor those that want to remain classy while enjoying your morning cup of coffee, the glass coffee mugs from Bodum Assam fit the bill nicely. Like many of the Bodum Assam products, these glasses are doubled walled. While these glass coffee mugs may only hold just under 8 oz., heat is not transferred to the outside of the glass, as with single layer glass or ceramic coffee mugs maintaining  the temperature for a  longer period of time. They keep hot beverages hot long enough so that they can be savored at leisure, and the crystal clear glass gives one the opportunity to admire the cream as it rises to the top, and display cappuccino to maximum advantage.

Despite their somewhat delicate appearance, they are sturdy enough to be both microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe according to Bodum.

Functionally, they do work nicely as I can hold on to a very hot cup of tea without burning my hands. However, I believe the opening of the cup is too wide to really keep the contents cool or hot for a very long time. But since the cup is only 7oz’s, I usually finish the contents before they get to room temperature.

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