Hamilton Beach The Scoop 49980C Two Way Brewer Coffee Maker Review

Item:Hamilton Beach The Scoop 49980C Two Way Brewer Coffee Maker
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Hamilton Beach The Scoop 49980C Two Way Brewer Single Serve And 12 Cup Coffee Maker ReviewWith a plethora of coffee makers on the market, choosing the right model to suit all of your particular needs can be quite a challenge. You can narrow the choices considerably, if you first select the type and size of coffee maker you need. Is a single serve machine the best option for your household, or will a single cup coffee maker just not do? The Scoop™ 49980C Two Way Brewer is designed to bridge the gap between single cup coffee makers and the traditional drip coffee makers.

Hamilton Beach® Coffeemakers are popular for a few simple reasons they make great coffee, brew quickly, cleanup easily, and look great. For the most part, Hamilton Beach® Coffeemakers are a great addition to any kitchen. The Scoop™ 49980C Two Way Brewer is a single serve and 12 cup coffee maker. It makes great tasting coffee and the single serve function on the side is perfect when you are running out the door fast or want an extra cup later on in the day.


If you can’t decide between a traditional dip coffee maker or a single serve coffee maker such as a Keurig, this unit may be for you. The 49980C Two Way Brewer solves the problem of buying two coffee makers. The 49980C Two Way Brewer provides the convenience of brewing a single cup or a full pot when you need it. The single cup side is perfect for making 1 or 2 cups when you don’t need to brew a full pot, and although this coffee maker is compatible with with 7 g Senseo® pods, You can use the brewer with regular coffee grounds, thanks to the unique The Scoop™ filter basket that is included with the unit.

If you forget to set the coffee pot to wake up to a full pot in the morning, all I need to do is brew the 1 cup (done is about a minute) and then make the full pot. With two ways to brew, you get the best of both worlds.

Style And Color

Durable stainless steel construction trimmed with black makes the unit attractive enough for any kitchen decor.

Filters And Coffee Type

The Scoop™ 49980C Two Way Brewer uses ground coffee, unique scoop measures and filters ground coffee for the perfect cup everytime. The Scoop™ 49980C Two Way Brewer also includes a single serve filter basket for use with coffee grounds, as well as a single serve basket for use with 7g Senseo® pods. Larger sized pods will not work with this unit.

Brew Features

As previously mentioned one of the biggest features of this particular coffee maker is that there are two ways to brew. The Single Serve function brews up to 14 oz. into the included travel mug or any other mug thanks to the multi level cup rest that is also included. If you are having company over, or if a single cup just won’t do, you can brew up to twelve cups in the 12 cup carafe. The hotplate will keep your coffee piping hot for a couple of hours before it automatically switches off.


The Hamilton Beach Scoop™ 49980C Two Way Brewer Single Serve and 12 cup Coffee Maker features a programmable timer with automatic shutoff. A handy pause and serve feature stops the drip if you can’t wait for that first cup, or if you like me, love the taste of the first cup. For those that like stronger tasting coffee, the unit features a regular or bold brew strength control. The bold setting takes a little longer, due to the slower drip action.


The Scoop™ 49980C Two Way Brewer measures 13.7 x 11.4 x 15.4 inches, so it is sure to fit into any counter space, and take up a lot less room that having both a drip style coffee maker and single serve coffee maker on your kitchen counter. At only 4.8 pounds and a shipping weight of 10 pounds, the shipping on this unit will not be that expensive if you don’t get it for free.


Included with the Scoop™ 49980C Two Way Brewer is a 14 oz travel mug, a pod basket, a Scoop brew basket, a single serve filter basket, a 12 cup filter basket, a multi level cup rest, a drip tray and of course the caraffe.

To order a permanent filter, such as the Hamilton Beach 80675 Permanent Gold Tone Filter, 8 to 12-Cups or other parts and accessories, visit hamiltonbeach.com, amazon.com or by phone at 1.800.851.8900 in the U.S., 1.800.267.2826 in Canada or 01.800.71.16.100 in Mexico.


The unit is ver simple to operate, but the biggest pro is that it combines a 12 cup coffeemaker with a single serve coffee maker, eliminating the need for more than one. Another big plus is the fact that you can utilize your own coffee grounds for the single serve brewer, instead of being reliant on pods of k-cups.


You may not be satisfied with the strength from the single serve funtion if you like a strong brew. This unit also puts out a lot of steam. If this is going under your cabinets you might worry about the effect of that very hot steam on the bottom of the cabinet. The unit will only brew on one side at a time.

Consumer Ratings

The average customer review on Amazon.com at time of writing was 4.5 out of 5 stars from 103 customer reviews, so it is positive overall.


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