Single Cup Coffee Maker Review: The Keurig B60

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The Keurig B60 – The Ideal Single Cup Coffee Maker for Home Use

Keurig-B60iThe Keurig B60 One-Cup Coffee Maker is considered one of the best in Keurig’s line up of single cup home-brewing systems. If you like waking up to the perfect cup of late in the morning, yet you are the only coffee drinker in the house, or if you’d like variety in your morning cup, the Keurig B60 will brew you a single cup whenever you want one. As in all Keurig brewers, the B60 fits into any kitchen countertop, yet compact enough to bring during travels. It allows you to brew three different coffee sizes – 5.25-, 7.25- and 9.25-ounce of your favorite coffee mix.

Keurig brewers feature the patented K-Cups, of which there are more than a hundred varieties from different brands. K-Cups are well-loved because they get rid of the hassle of brewing, and the messy cleanups and filters in traditional coffee makers. K-Cups contain a pre-measured and pre-mixed gourmet coffee that you can enjoy in less than a minute.

An average cup of coffee with the Keurig B60 would cost about $0.40 to $0.50, a lot less than if you were to get them in your favorite coffee shop. The K-Cups are relatively costly, but consider the amount of money you waste as you toss away the leftover coffee from your old coffee maker.

The Keurig B60 features an adjustable temperature feature where you can choose from a range of temperatures based on your preference – from the cooler 187F to the pre-set 192 degrees. It also offers a backlit LCD display to facilitate ease of use. It also has a 24-hour programmable setting feature where you can set your time for your morning and afternoon cup of coffee or tea.

The B60 has a 48-oz. reservoir that can make you at least 7 mugs of coffee. It is very easy to brew your gourmet coffee – just insert the K-cup, close the hatch, then press the button. You can do all these and enjoy your gourmet coffee in less than half a minute! The water reservoir is conveniently removable, just like its stainless steel drip tray for easy clean-up. The coffee maker also has aesthetic features – chrome lines that give a hint of elegance and finesse to grace your countertop.

Just like any regular coffee maker, the Keurig B60 is not perfect. The machine is relatively noisy, especially when it fills in water for the next coffee cup. This brewer is also made especially for standard coffee mugs; if you have a mug that is larger than average, it might not fit perfectly. Although it has minor imperfections, the B60 is close to the perfect coffee maker you’ll ever need.

If you have gotten used to the traditional coffee makers, there is no better time than now to adapt to the times and get yourself a Keurig. The Special Edition B60 is regarded by Keurig to be its most popular and best-selling brewer model. With the B60, you can enjoy different flavors of gourmet coffee for your every whim whenever you want.

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